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Free Crochet virus Amigurumi toys Patterns

Dive into creating adorable Free Crochet Virus Amigurumi Toys that bring a touch of whimsy and education.

Patterns Include:

  • A visible, charming version to help confront health fears
  • Educational aids for children learning about virus safety and hygiene
  • Quirky crochet plushies for playful home accents

With step-by-step patterns accessible to everyone, it’s easy to turn yarn into something that educates and garners smiles. Tackle this heartfelt project today and crochet some comfort and fun into your life.


intricate shape virus amigurumi

Embark on a charming journey to create an Intricate Shape Virus Amigurumi, a delightful and thought-provoking project. This unique design, fashioned by the talented Lily Pyankova, transforms yarn into a cosy symbol of knowledge and awareness, making it perfect for playful learning or adding fun to any room.


  • Plush yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby for a huggable body
  • Acrylic yarn to craft a miniature mask
  • Hollofayber for a plush fill
  • Hooks (4mm for the amigurumi, 2mm for the mask)
  • A needle with a wide eye for easy stitching
  • Optional crochet marker or contrast thread
  • Scissors for snipping excess
  • Pins to hold pieces in place

The making process is a delight with a comprehensive 8-page pattern complete with helpful images every step of the way. Enthusiasts will find that this design, available in English and using US crochet terms, is a true joy to create. It is emphasized that familiarity with basic crochet techniques is necessary to stitch up this little treasure. 

intricate shape virus amigurumi
Source: Ravelry

Coronavirus smoothly beautiful Amigurumi

Embark on a heartfelt project with the Coronavirus Smoothly Beautiful Amigurumi, a plush representation designed to raise awareness and educate.


  • Red Heart Super Saver Solids yarn
  • Hook size 4.25 mm (G)
  • Crochet Terminology in US English
Coronavirus smoothly beautifu Amigurumi
Source: Ravelry

Amigurumi Coronavirus crochet pattern

Discover the joy of creating an Amigurumi Coronavirus with a simple, user-friendly knitting pattern from Butterflylove1. This small, knitted toy is a helpful reminder to maintain good hygiene practices like handwashing. Its compact size and cute appearance make it an ideal decor piece for desks or tables, helping keep health at the forefront of mind in a gentle, enjoyable manner.


  • 2 knitting needles (US2.5/3mm or as per tension advice)
  • 20g plain or variegated DK yarn
  • Two black toy safety eyes (9mm)
  • Polyfil toy stuffing
  • One tapestry needle for finishing

The pattern offers straightforward step-by-step instructions suitable for confident beginners or intermediate knitters. The process involves basic knitting techniques like casting on and off, increasing and decreasing, culminating in a finished product about 3 inches in diameter. Creating this amigurumi is an enjoyable knitting session and a fulfillment of creating something heartwarming and educational.

Amigurumi Coronavirus crochet pattern
Source: Ravelry

cute Corona Virus Crochet Amigurumi

Create a cute Corona Virus Crochet Amigurumi to keep you company and remind you of our times. This easy-to-make crochet project turns a serious topic into a soft, approachable object.


4.0mm (G) crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn in dark green, regular green, light green, and white
Stuffing/fiberfill for a plush feel
A sewing needle and 30 sewing pins for assembly
Follow this gentle, beginner-friendly pattern to crochet a representation of the virus, making an amigurumi about 14cm in diameter. Perfect for people stuck at home looking for a new project, this design encourages staying indoors in a fun and creative way. You’ll find joy in bringing this little creation to life using simple stitches like the magic ring, slip stitch, and single crochet. Remember, this pattern is free for personal use and meant to spread joy and awareness without commercial intent. Let’s stay safe and enjoy crocheting together.

 cute Corona Virus crochet Amigurumi
Source: Ravelry

Coronavirus Germ different sizes Amigurumi

Discover the charming way to learn and teach about health with the Coronavirus Germ Amigurumi. This free pattern creates various sizes of soft, cuddly germ figures, making learning about the virus engaging and not scary. It’s perfect for educational purposes or simply as a unique piece of decor.


Red Heart Super Saver (Solids) yarn
3.75 mm (F) hook
Worsted weight yarn
Requires only 10 – 23 meters of yarn
Making these adorable germs is straightforward and offers a creative session of crochet. Using worsted-weight yarn and a 3.75 mm hook, the pattern guides you through each step with clarity.

Coronavirus Germ different sizes Amigurumi
Source: Ravelry

virus amigurumi on social media

Embark on a delightful journey by making the charming Morris the Virus Amigurumi, a crocheted figure that’s gaining attention on social media for its unique and educational approach.


  • Suggested yarn (details not specified)
  • 3.5 mm (E) crochet hook

Creating Morris the Virus offers a simple yet rewarding crochet experience. With a 3.5 mm hook, you can easily follow the concise steps designed for these softies.  Engage with others online by sharing your creation, and encourage discussions in a fun, light-hearted manner.

virus amigurumi on social media
Source: Ravelry

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