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Perfect Crochet Patrick Star Amigurumi Patterns with These Steps

Embark on a crafting adventure with our free crochet pattern and bring the lovable Patrick Star to life in amigurumi form. This delightful project transforms simple yarn into a huggable buddy, tapping into the charm of Bikini Bottom’s most famous starfish. With easy-to-follow steps, you’ll create Patrick’s iconic pink body and quirky green shorts. Gently curl your fingers around the crochet hook, and watch as loops become legs, increases form arms, and strategic stitches conjure up his smiling face. Take pride in every detail, from his felted eyes to the light stuffing that makes him irresistibly squeezable.

Patrick Star amigurumi looks its best

Dive into the world of amigurumi and make a Patrick Star toy that looks amazing. This little guy becomes a perfect friend for children and grown-ups alike.

To make Patrick Star come to life, here’s what is required:

35 g of pink yarn (50g/175m) to shape Patrick’s body.
20 g of green yarn (50g/175m) for crafting his iconic shorts.
15 g of purple yarn (50g/175m) for the flower accent.
A small amount of white yarn for the eyes.
Some black yarn for the facial details.
40 g of fiberfill to make him huggably soft.
With the recommended materials, this endearing Patrick Star amigurumi stands 21 cm tall and 23 cm wide. It is simple to make, supported by a pattern guide filled with helpful photos for the trickier bits.

Patrick Star amigurumi looking its best
Source: Ravelry

Simpler projects Amigurumi Patrick Star

Create a fun and simple Patrick Star amigurumi that delights everyone who sees it. This easy project is perfect for giving as a gift to SpongeBob fans or adding a touch of whimsy to any space. 

Yarn: You’ll need enough to complete a 9-inch tall figure. Choose the colours based on Patrick’s classic look.

Crochet hook: Match the size to your yarn.

Fiberfill: To stuff Patrick and make him huggable.

PDF Pattern: The pattern includes helpful photos and clear instructions.

simpler projects Amigurumi Patrick Star
Source: Ravelry

styles starfish Patrick Star Amigurumi

Create a Patrick Star amigurumi that’s big on personality yet easy to make. This chunky rendition of the lovable starfish from SpongeBob SquarePants is perfect for cuddling or decorating a playful space. Its larger stitches and bold colours make it a quick project for those looking to add some joy and animation to their day.

Materials needed Crochet Patrick Star Amigurumi:

Hook Size 5.0 mm (H): Perfect for working with super bulky yarn.

Fiberfill: To give Patrick a soft and huggable body.

Yarn in pink and green: True to Patrick’s unforgettable appearance.

This pattern, courtesy of Iris F, clearly guides you through each step, ensuring that making this amigurumi is a smooth and enjoyable process. A video tutorial also complements the written instructions, which is perfect for visual learners.

styles starfish Patrick Star Amigurumi
Source: Ravelry


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